GRUNDTVIG LEARNING PARTNERSHIPS – SOCIAL INCLUSION OF MIGRANTS The proposed project will be collaboration between partners to target the issues on social inclusion of Russian-speaking migrants into local communities of EU. The aim of the partnership is to promote tolerance and diversity, to assist migrants by giving them guidance, advice and assistance, to help local communities to recognise and value the beneficial contributions the newcomers bring and to work with the statutory and voluntary bodies in planning and implementing programmes to support migrants. Project’s fields of interest are as follows:
  1. Employment – problems and opportunities. Opportunity to start the new business.
  2. Education (Russian schools, language courses, professional and vocational education).(Finland)
  3. Legal Aid (access to legal support and representation).
  4. Social adaptation.(Italy)
  5. Psychological support.(Ireland)
  6. Politics. Opportunities to take part in decision making and representation.(Germany)
  7. Collaboration with the State agencies.(Belgium)
  8. Financial support. Fundraising.(Belgium)
  9. Mass-media and social networks.
  10. Public image of community groups.(Sweden)
  We believe the impact of the suggested project will be long-lasing. It will open the new opportunities and will lead to further achievements in every aspect of life in immigration. In order to achieve our aims transnational cooperation is essential and the transfer of intercultural knowledge will help us overcome existing difficulties. Duration of the project:  07.2013 – 10.2015